CoreUM Features

CoreUM will change the way you organize meetings forever.

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Have Access to The Most Feature-Rich Meeting Planner and Polling Application on The Market

Here’s the best part – It’s free to use

CoreUM’s sole purpose is to remove the hassle of deciding when to meet and administering polls to your meeting attendees or board members. To accomplish this goal, we’ve built a truly innovative meeting scheduling app and polling system. CoreUM is the only meeting scheduler system on the market to include quorum management; putting a singular focus on the user experience results in the most feature-rich solution on the market while still being a simple 2 step process. Give CoreUM a try. We’re going to revolutionize the way you schedule meetings. Need more from CoreUM?

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Individual Features


Receive notifications when an invitee answers your CoreUM Meeting/Poll and when all respondents have participated.

Mobile Friendly

Enjoy the responsive design that allows you to schedule meetings on the go.

Personalized Links

Receive secure, private, personalized links for your meeting.


If a last minute problem arises, the option to cancel and notify members and then reschedule your meeting is available.

Security, Transparency and Privacy

CoreUM allows only the intended users access to your information.

Calendar Integration

iCal calendar integration.

Time Management Features

Set up notifications and reminders to ensure meetings go smoothly.

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VIP & Corporate Features

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Custom Settings

Personalize your personal or your organizations CoreUM settings to optimize your experience.

Quorum Tracking

Ensure enough management/decision makers are present before key decisions are made.


Consolidate your contacts into groups. This will make planning your meetings even quicker.

Easy Polling

Whether you’re polling “what version of a design the team likes best?” or “where to go for lunch?” – CoreUM makes it easy to decide when to meet.

Advertisement Free

Enjoy an ad free experience. Keep the focus on your meetings.

Resource Management

Upload documents and resources and share with meeting members.

Automated Reminders

Set up reminders that work best for your lifestyle. Automated and personalized.

Custom Branding (Corporate)

Personalize invites with your corporate branding and messages.

User Management (Corporate)

Manage permissions, access and user roles of all users within your organization.