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Image of CoreUM For Parties

New CoreUM Version Released

We are constantly trying to improve—developing features and capabilities that make your scheduling life easier. With our latest update...

Image of CoreUM For Parties

Using CoreUM to Plan a Party

We have all been there; there is a birthday coming up, either yours or a friends’, and the struggle of coordinating everybody’s availability...

Image of CoreUM For School

Using CoreUM For School

School can be stressful. Whether you’re in high-school or post-secondary, coordinating multiple student schedules can be challenging...

Image of Enhancing Productivity

Enhancing Productivity With CoreUM

Studies show a minimum of 5 hours a week is spent scheduling meetings—translating to roughly 6 weeks of wasted time per year...

Image of the ICS Files in CoreUM

ICS Files in CoreUM

Once your meeting date has been locked into CoreUM, you can then download an ICS file to simply put the meeting in your calendar. Once your meeting date has been locked in, to download ICS file, simply click the...

Image of How I Used CoreUM To Help Schedule My Family Events

Scheduling Family Events with CoreUM

You have probably tried to get your family together for an event and understand how much of a challenge that can be. Recently I came across a new tool which promised to make that process easier and best of all it was free...

Image of Planning Your Halloween Party with CoreUM

Planning Halloween Party with CoreUM

Halloween is coming up quick. Are you having your annual Halloween party again? What are you dressing up as? There are so many great options: You could be...

Image of CoreUM Features – Easy Polling

CoreUM Features – Easy Polling

CoreUM VIP users get access to all of the awesome features that CoreUM has to offer including Easy Polling. Polling is important for individuals who are both looking to schedule simple meetings and for those who are..

Image of Planning Your Next Golf Trip with CoreUM

Planning Your Golf Trip with CoreUM

You’re looking foreword to your next big golf trip with your closest friends. Just imagine the warm mornings, the cold beverages and the memories that you are inevitably going to create. Planning golf trips seem easy, but...

Image of the CoreUM - Version 1.1 Release Notes

CoreUM - Version 1.1 Release Notes

The newest version of CoreUM has been released and it brings with it some great new functionality. We have made numerous user interface improvements that will greatly improve the way you interact with CoreUM...

Image of the CoreUM Official Launch

CoreUM Official Launch

CoreSolutions Software announce the release of their new, highly anticipated meeting/polling web application, CoreUM. CoreUM is an easy to use app for polling staff and booking meetings at any organization...