CoreUM Features – Easy Polling

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CoreUM Features – Easy Polling

CoreUM VIP users get access to all of the awesome features that CoreUM has to offer including Easy Polling.

Polling is important for individuals who are both looking to schedule simple meetings and for those who are using CoreUM for more complex work decisions.

Easy polling can be used to determine simple decisions like where you and your comrades want to go for lunch or more complex decisions like which new logo your company wants to choose. This can be used for any individual and businesses of any size.

Polling is simple to use. Just sign into your CoreUM account, click + Create Meeting and ensure the Poll option is checked instead of the Meeting option.

After ensuring the Poll option is checked, you can then enter your question, respondent options (Yes or No, For, Against, or Abstain), your reminder dates, your required response dates, any additional information that your respondents need to know, and any attachments that you wish to include.

From here, you simply follow the same steps you do with a regular meeting invite and select you poll invitees. A personalized email is then sent out and you wait for the responses.

It is simple to use and helps streamline decision processes. Easy polling is available for CoreUM VIP users, but if you are a free CoreUM user, you can try out a VIP trial and use easy polling.

Please reach out if you are interested in a trial and we will be sure to help you out.

If you have any further questions regarding easy polling or CoreUM in general, you can reach out at our CoreUM Feedback page.

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