CoreUM - Version 1.1 Release Notes

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CoreUM - Version 1.1 Release Notes

Great news everyone! The newest version of CoreUM has been released and it brings with it some great new functionality.

  1. We have made numerous user interface improvements that will greatly improve the way you interact with CoreUM. We made changes to things like:
    • a. The formatting of a more button on the meetings page.
    • b. Made the contact syncing clearer.
    • c. Type ahead functionality improvements.
    • d. Added a map to your meeting location link in the email and on the create a meeting screen. This will ensure that all of your attendees can see where the event is happening.
    • e. Improvements to how the notes field is displayed and formatted in the email that goes out to all of your participants.
  2. Totally revamped our group management section. It is now more intuitive.
  3. Improved our help documentation as you walk through the system. This is especially true with our custom branding and ICS file help.
  4. Improvements to how CoreUM handles the ICS calendar file.
  5. We created a dedicated feedback and ticket system to help with any questions or concerns you might have. This will greatly help us improve our customer support and responses to your requests.

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