Planning Your Next Golf Trip with CoreUM

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Planning Your Next Golf Trip with CoreUM

FORE! You’re looking foreword to your next big golf trip with your closest friends. Just imagine the warm mornings, the cold beverages and the memories that you are inevitably going to create. Planning golf trips seem easy, but actually involves many moving parts. Some may even say golf trips can get quite scrambled.

Whether it be hotel rooms, tee times, travel schedules or beer duty, there are many things to coordinate. Most importantly, you need to determine the days that all of your golf buddies are available.

A great way to easily coordinate between everyone’s busy schedules is with CoreUM – the ultimate meeting application. CoreUM is simple to use – we’ve tee’d it up for you. Avoid any hazards with the only meeting app on the market that is up to par.

  1. Enter your meeting details including a few suggested tee-times and dates, when you would like an automatic email reminder, course and location details, and any other additional notes.
  2. Enter your golf buddies’ emails – either individually or by a predefined group.
  3. And you’re done!

Your golf buddies receive an email and vote on their preferred times. Based on their selections you lock in a date and optionally send them the calendar invite.

And now you get to golf! Organizing will be a Gimme – no mulligans needed. Your schedules are coordinated and you can now focus on your golf game.

The best part is that CoreUM is free to use.

Try out CoreUM today. It will simplify the coordination of your golf game and allow you to focus on what matters. Now get out there and enjoy the greens.

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The CoreUM Team