How I Used CoreUM To Help Schedule My Family Events

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How I Used CoreUM To Help Schedule My Family Events

Guest Post by CoreUM User Natalie Merrifield. Note – this a guest post from a CoreUM user. They discuss their experience with CoreUM. If you would be interested in submitting a guest post, please send an email to

Image of a BBQ with a CoreUM Overlay

You have probably tried to get your family together for an event and understand how much of a challenge that can be. Recently I came across a new tool which promised to make that process easier and best of all it was free. A friend of mine was working on it and asked me to be a beta tester.

The tool is CoreUM and it was promised to “revolutionize the way I scheduled meetings”. I told him I’d give it a try and left it at that. I don’t schedule a lot of events, so I didn’t really get into the application until recently.

I just organized my family BBQ using CoreUM and I found the process very easy. I simply added a couple of upcoming Saturdays and Sundays as potential dates and then sent them to my family. This saved so much effort of trying to pick the appropriate day for the BBQ. In the past, I have had to make many phone calls and texts. What works for one person rarely works for others.

You know what I’m talking about:

  • “Hey mom can you do the 10th?”
  • “Uncle Joe, can you do the 10th?”
  • “Hey Bob, we’re thinking the 10th…oh the 21st is better for you?”
  • “Hey mom, Bob can only do the 21st…could that work for you?”
  • Etc.

The back and forth is a real pain.

CoreUM eliminated a lot of this back and forth. ANY IMPROVEMENT to how I get the family together would be welcome, especially if it’s at no cost to me. I did still have to follow up with some family members as they didn’t check their email often enough. I can see CoreUM being very effective in a business capacity, where everyone is probably checking their email every day. Once we decided on a date, I was easily able to send a calendar invite for everyone to put the date in their calendars. Some family members again required phone calls (Grandma) as they still use paper calendars. All in all, CoreUM did make organization easier. Some functionality that I would really love to see would be to have the ability to send a link to mobile numbers for those family members who don’t check their email all that often. I can see a few very good uses for CoreUM that would help make my life easier.

  • Christmas get-togethers
  • Family birthday parties for children
  • Obviously, a summer BBQ

My softball team has an annual kickoff party where we get new players to come and meet the team before we start playing. Trust that I’ll be using CoreUM for that.

Natalie M.